The 1st Volunteer Infantry Battalion was formed in the spring of 1999 as a way to give independent units in the State of Indiana a place to be seen. We have no set command structure. Commmand is granted on a rotating basis. We try to stay away from the politics and big-headedness that runs rampant in today's reenacting community.

We have no "battalion" events. We simply form the battalion at events that we feel we have enough numbers. Often times it turns out that all the units will be attending the same event anyway. In this way, we avoid the idea that a unit has to attend an event because the battalion is attending.

!!UPDATED OCTOBER 20, 2002!!
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!!UPDATED OCTOBER 20, 2002!!
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For more information on how YOUR unit can become involved, contact us at the e-mail address listed below!

Aaron Rambo - 7th KY, Co. K

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