Lieutenant Colonel L.J. Sherrill

18??-July 15, 1864

L.J. Sherrill entered the Civil War with the 7th Kentucky being commissioned Captain of Company "F". He commanded the company through the battle of Shiloh. After the death of Colonel Wickliffe and the resignation of Lieutenant Colonel Lannom, a void was present in the command structure of the 7th. Edward Crossland, newly discharged from service with the 1stKentucky Infantry in the east, traveled to Corinth and was elected Colonel of the regiment. At that time, Captain Sherrill was elected Lieutenant Colonel due to his popularity among the men.

Lieutenant Colonel Sherrill helped to lead the 7th Kentucky through numerous engagements during the Vicksburg Campaign, at Champion Hill, the siege of Jackson, the Meridian Campaign, Paducah, and Brice's Crossroads. He was killed at the battle of Old Town Creek, the day after the battle of Harrisburg, Mississippi.

In his report of the battle, Colonel Edward Crossland said, "At Old Town Creek I found Bell's brigade engaging the enemy. The Third Brigade was quickly dismounted and placed in position and then moved forward to the attack....Here fell the modest and gallant Lieutenant Colonel L.J. Sherrill, Seventh Kentucky, than whom the country had no braver defender. He fell in the front rank, and fills a Christian soldier's grave."