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**Reenactment Organizations**

1st Confederate Division
Mississippi Valley Brigade
Tennessee Valley Battalion
1st Volunteer Infantry Battalion

2nd Kentucky Infantry
5th Tennessee Infantry, Company E
46th Tennessee Infantry, Company K
48th Tennessee Infantry (Nixon's)
50th Tennessee Infantry, Company A
52nd Tennessee Infantry
5th Texas Infantry, Company D, "Waverly Confederates"
4th Virginia Infantry, Company I, "Liberty Hall Volunteers"
33rd Virginia Infantry, Company A, "Potomac Guard"
Pumpkin Patch Mess

Indiana Brigade
14th Indiana Infantry, Company A
30th Indiana Infantry, Company F
32nd Indiana Infantry, Company B, "First German"
19th United States Infantry, Company A
49th Indiana Infantry, Company F

**Reenacting Resources**

County Cloth (Charlie Childs)
Cotton City Tailors
Jersey Skillet Licker
Trans-Mississippi Depot Company
The Haversack Depot
Dirty Billy's Hats
The Blockade Runner
C&D Jarnagin Company
Fall Creek Suttlery
Crescent City Sutler
Jas. Townsend and Son

Camp Chase Gazette
The Watchdog
The DRILL Network
The Authentic Campaigner
Columbus Depot Jackets - "The Material Evidence"
The US Civil War Center