Regimental Officers and Staff

7th Regiment Kentucky Infantry

Colonel Charles Wickliffe - Mortally Wounded at Shiloh - April 7, 1862
Colonel Edward Crossland

Lieutenant Colonel W.D. Lannom - Resigned for health reasons - Apr/May, 1862
Lieutenant Colonel L.J. Sherrill - Killed at Old Town Creek - July 15, 1864

Major W.J.N. Welborn - Mortally Wounded at Shiloh - April 6, 1862
Major Henry S. Hale

Surgeon T.F. Clardy
Assistant Surgeon J.P. Humphries
Assistant Surgeon D.P. Jett

Chaplain S. Ragsdale
Chaplain J.B. McCutcheon

Assistant C.S. L.F. Marshall
Assistant C.S. J.E. Henderson

Assistant Quartermaster Edward K. Warren - Resigned - May, 1862
Assistant Quartermaster William Lindsay

Adjutant Thomas S. Burnett - Died of Disease - McNairy Cnty., TN - 1862
Adjutant C.H. Roulhac - Murdered by Guerrillas in Paducah, KY - March 25, 1864
Adjutant Peter W. Gailbraith - Killed at Brice's Crossroads - June 10, 1864
Adjutant E.S. Lynch

Non-Commissioned Staff

Sergeant Major R.A. Browder

Quartermaster Sergeant A.G. Burnett

Ordnance Sergeant J.R. Wright
Ordnance Sergeant J.K.P. Welborn

Commissary Sergeant Charles Burnley