The 22nd Iowa charges Fort Beauregard at Vicksburg -- May 22, 1863

The 22nd Iowa Infantry Regiment was mustered into U.S. service on September 9, 1862. It was made up of 10 companies under the command of Colonel William M. Stone. Company "F" was commanded by Captain A.B. Cree. The 22nd served with both the 13th Corps in the West and the 19th Corps in the East. It saw action from both theatres and also served guard and outpost duties in North Carolina and on the southern Texas coast.

The 22nd Iowa participated in the following battles:

Port Gibson, Mississippi -- May 1, 1863
Champions Hill, Mississippi -- May 16, 1863
Black River Bridge, Mississippi -- May 17, 1863
Siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi -- May 20-July14, 1863
Siege of Jackson, Mississippi -- July 9-17, 1863
Berryville, Virginia -- September 4, 1864
3rd Winchester, Virginia -- September 19, 1864
Fishers Hill, Virginia -- September 22, 1864
Cedar Creek, Virginia -- October 19, 1864

Reunion Photo of the 22nd Iowa in Iowa City -- May 22, 1886


The re-activated 22nd Iowa, Company F is the galvanizing "alter-ego" of the 7th Kentucky Infantry, Company K. We portray this unit when we are asked to galvanize or just when we just feel like wearing blue for a change.

We are members of the Indiana Brigade, under the command of Colonel Don Heitman, and currently plan on doing about 3 events per year as this unit in the Indiana-Ohio-Illinois area or when needed.

The Officers and NCO's of the 22nd Iowa Infantry, Company F are:
**Captain Aaron Rambo - commanding
+Sgt. Joshua Mueller
+Cpl. Clint Fields

Captain Aaron Rambo

This page is dedicated to the memory of:

+Sgt. Major George A. Remley, 22nd Iowa Infantry (shown above)
Killed at the battle of 3rd Winchester, Virginia - Sept. 19, 1864
Buried in a mass grave on the battlefield

+Sgt. Lycurgus Remley, Company F, 22nd Iowa Infantry
Died of disease in the Vicksburg trenches - June, 1863
Buried in the Vicksburg National Cemetery

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